This weeks BE Church prayer points

  • Praise Jesus for his grace, God for his love, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
  • Praise God for his never-ending kindness, and yet inconceivable power.
  • Give thanks for the Life Series. Pray that God works in all involved.
  • Give thanks for SRE in our schools. Pray for kids, teachers, staff & parents.
  • Give thanks for the courage of the Ukrainian people. Pray that justice wins.
  • Give thanks for our families, friends and homes.
  • Pray for those facing stresses with rapidly rising prices.
  • Pray for those in Africa facing starvation because of drought.
  • Pray that that many, many more people in Bathurst put their trust in Christ.
  • Pray for Alyssa, Emanuel & baby Anastasia at the refugee school in Bangkok.
  • Pray for Laneway Church in Footscray, Melbourne, with Josh & Sarah Allen.

Requested prayer.

As Christians we should pray for each other and you can assist by praying for the following that have been submitted.

Make a request for prayer

Prayer Request Submission Guidelines
  1. To help the prayer request process please capitalise proper names. Only include first names when referencing people.
  2. Please limit your prayer request to 400 characters.
  3. Prayer requests asking the prayer partners to send you money cannot be posted.
  4. Prayer requests containing any exact monetary figures or amounts cannot be posted.
  5. Prayer request maybe rewritten before being posted.
  6. Prayer requests submitted in any language other than English cannot be posted.
  7. Prayer requests attacking any denomination, local church or individuals within or without any church cannot be posted.
  8. Prayer requests inciting acts of war or terrorism, fraud, or any other illegal activity will not be posted.
  9. Requests submitted for a particular individual to fall in love with you will not be posted.
  10. Anything submitted that is not a prayer request, such as an actual prayer, question or a statement, will not be posted unless it is relevant to the request.
  11. Please limit your requests to one per week unless it is urgent because of the large amount of requests.