BE Service ZOOM and Record

Actions for recording and ZOOMing BE Church services can be looked at in three phases being leading up to the service, at the service and post service.

Leading up to the service consists of ensuring the equioment is ready, ie; camera and wireless microphone batteries are charged. Guidance is given in this video .

Then the PowerPoint presentation is loaded on the laptop,. Download the Service PowerPoint presentation from Dropbox, rename it to service.pptx, and store it in the BE Service folder on the laptop ready for use. It also includes extracting any embedded video being used in the service. The PowerPoint is normally not ready for download until late on the day prior to the service. Guidance is given in this video.

Ensure the laptop is available for setup before the start of the church service, allowing at least 30 minutes.

The second phase consists setting up the laptop, cameras and microhone, running VMIX and ZOOM apllications. an outline is available in this document

The third phase is preparing an edited version of the service recording for upload to YouTube. This is achieved following these guidelines and the process can be followed in this video

The laptop needs to be collected at the conclusion of the service to undertake this stage.