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This weeks prayer points

  • Praise God for the gift of Christ crucified and risen..
  • Praise God for beauty, wonder & complexity of creation, esp of human beings!
  • Give thanks for all our days, as they are gracious gifts from the Lord.
  • Give thanks for the privilege of meeting together as God’s family.
  • Give thanks for our country and the freedoms and wealth we enjoy
  • Give thanks times of rest and recuperation. Pray we use them wisely
  • Pray for countries like Brazil, India and elsewhere coping with COVID
  • Pray for wisdom & courage to share the greatest good news of all – the gospel.


Was Jesus’ resurrection the World’s Biggest Hoax – watch this video

as referenced during church on Easter Sunday

(UPDATED 28/3/2021) Attending Church this week read our COVID-19 Safety Plan adopted by BE Church to enable us to meet together, please familiarise yourself with this plan and the supplement applying to BE Church. You are required to provide contact details on arrival and maintain appropriate hygene . We are now able to sing during services. You are welcome to have a cup of tea or coffee after each service and to have a chat while maintaining social distancing.

Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell, stay home and get tested to be safe. We are constantly monitoring the situation with Covid-19 which is still present in the wider community.


Current Vacancy

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No upcoming special events

Regular Events

  • Sunday 10am Morning Service at Bathurst South Public School
  • Sunday 5-7pm Mixed bible study and home group
  • Monday 7-8.30 pm Young adults bible study and home group
  • Tuesday 10am-12 Women’s bible study and home group
  • Tuesday 6.30-8.30 pm Mixed bible study and home group
  • Wednesday 6-8.30 pm Mixed bible study and home group
  • Friday (during school term) 7-9pm Youth Group at Bathurst South Public School.


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